Certainly strengthening relationships and ties between community members has a great role in building societies and benefiting countries, specifically if those relationships are based on a solid foundation of knowledge and thought. A big number of local and international students have graduated from Al-Madinah International University in Malaysia. These graduates are the pillars of work, construction and development in their countries and communities, and establishing communication links with them is considered to be very important because it involves the exchange of experiences and benefits, and support of the brother to his Muslim brother. This is a manifestation of the Islamic brotherhood grown in the university campus, and a right the graduate student owes to his university, they received knowledge and qualification for the job market. This cultural, social and developmental non-profit club will be so that it involves the university graduates from all faculties. It is under the main management of the club, and includes sub-committees and representatives in each graduate’s country, all under one net-work system.


Strengthening the bonds of brotherhood among graduates to build countries and serve communities.


Offering a group of programs and functions for the graduates and their communities, and exchanging benefits among graduates with each other.


  • To consolidating the affiliation of graduates with the university.
  • To strengthen the relations and ties among graduates by creating a network of communication among them.
  • To benefit from the contribution, expertise and experiences of the university graduates to raise the university performance and efficiency and to execute programs and events.
  • To enhance the communal partnership of graduates with their communities.
  • To establish partnerships with the scientific, cultural, and social clubs, entities, institutions, and associations, locally and internationally.
  • To develop the professional and scientific skills of the graduates.
  • To strengthen the graduate's relationship with the university students, and enhance cooperation among them.

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